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Our Services

Among our reasonably priced SEO services are:

SEO Audit Service for Websites

We begin the campaign by doing a thorough website audit. These audits are essential for us to comprehend the structure of the present site and any technical issues that are impeding your site's performance. A strong foundation must be established from the beginning to avoid constructing a house on sand.

Research and analysis of keywords

One of the most crucial aspects of any SEO effort, if not the most crucial. The search terms potential customers might use to locate your company are known as keywords. We do in-depth keyword research and examine your rivals' terms.

Competitive Research

Knowing what and who we are fighting against is crucial. Knowing this enables us to outwit your competition and create stronger and more effective ads. Digiconia's SEO efforts are designed to ensure we have all the components needed to outperform the competition.

On-page SEO Service

To improve a website's exposure, on-page SEO is modifying and optimizing the website itself. This entails making modifications TO your real website, as the name suggests. If you do this wrong, Google will put your website back on Page 10.

Off-Page SEO Service

Link building is usually referred to as off-page SEO. Essentially, a link is a reference to your website on another external website. Link building improves your website's authority and your brand's exposure.

Detailed Reporting

Because Digiconia strongly believes in openness, monthly reports are sent right to your inbox. These reports summarize the campaign's development and your keyword rankings!

SEO Consultant

We've been doing this for a long as a top SEO business. Our years of expertise in the industry give us the edge when it comes to giving you the finest SEO advice on building and developing your online brand.

Local SEO

Local SEO is about informing the search engines about your products and geographic location. You may influence the top search engines, like Google, to favor your content over that of your rivals and rank you highly in the search results by emphasizing the relevance of your web pages to a certain demographic of customers in a given location.

Shopify SEO

If you operate an online business but don't spend money on SEO, you won't be able to compete in this cutthroat market with the expanding global sales from e-commerce. To ensure that your clients can locate the things you sell, you must optimize your website for those search phrases. With years of expertise doing keyword research, Digiconia can find and construct a list of pertinent keywords associated with the goods you offer.

Our Process

We’ve developed a road map for collaborating with businesses in a way that successfully implements an effective content marketing strategy. 

❖ SEO Expert

Here at Digiconia, you receive specialized SEO professionals for your project. Your committed project manager for the SEO campaign will be at your side the entire time to hear about your concerns and offer insightful advice 

❖ ROI Monitoring

The ROI of your company is tracked in detail and openly as part of our SEO approach. Every investment you make will have a certain result. We offer a transparent workprocedure and keep track of every lead sale generated by our efforts. 

❖ Technical Auditing

Without a solid plan, it is impossible to acquire good SEO. A sound strategy incorporatesa technical SEO approach. Get accurate information from Digiconia technical SEO audit of your website to launch a successful campaign. 

❖ Reporting

Our customers can completely understand their SEO operations thanks to our clear and thorough reports. Customers have access to SEO reports around the clock, and they may be tailored to display only the information they need to know